jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2020

The saddest eyes

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Edvard Munch, "Girl Looking out the Window"
To Bea 

Resultado de imagen para clave de solYou've got the saddest eyes I've known, 
Slanting down, bulging a little
On the whiteness of your nose,
               Crowning a certain chubby pinkness                       
From what to me seems like a throne.

You've got the saddest look 
My eyes have ever seen,
And yet, you see, it gives me joy:
Your eyes see me when all the world 
Around looks on myself with some neglect.

The very greenness of your eyes
Hides all the secrets never told,
Still I've heard your untold secrets
Within my soul 
a thousand times before.

The sea of sadness of your eyes is full of breathing air, 
And I rejoice to be the one you chose
That stormy day, the day we met,
The night you rescued me from drowning 
In the waters of despair

Imagen relacionada                               Before your eyes just glowed...

Natalie Cole #16 "That Sunday That Summer"

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